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I just love to travel. I have been lucky in that I have been able to do a lot […]

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It is a well know fact that travel makes a more well rounded personality. Travelling allows the individual to […]

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My Best Travel Experiences of 2019 • The Blonde Abroad

2019 was one amazing year, jam-packed with new adventures. From some incredible TBA Escapes trips in Jordan and the Galápagos to an epic two-week road trip through Ireland! One of my favorite trips was Egypt—a place that’s been on my bucket list for so long…and a number of my adventures were all about taking time to slow down and experience places with loved ones. Places Traveled To: The Bahamas, South Africa, Egypt, London, Ireland, Boston, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Galápagos Islands, New York City Here are the highlights […]

Tips for Traveling Amsterdam on a Budget • The Blonde Abroad

Beyond the smoky coffee shops and seedy red-light district, Amsterdam is a dynamic city. A cycling paradise with a fascinating history, this Northern European city is an essential stop. It was so hard to narrow it down to the top ten things you must do in Amsterdam and it’s really one of those cities you can come back to time and time again. And, of course, you’ll want to venture through the rest of the Netherlands as well! Whatever you do and wherever you go, one thing […]

The Ultimate Guide to Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos • The Blonde Abroad

Home to the largest town in the Galápagos—Puerto Ayora—Santa Cruz Island is one of the most popular islands to visit while traveling to the Galápagos. Here you’ll find giant tortoises, beautiful hikes, beaches as far as the eye can see, the Charles Darwin Research Center, pit craters, and World War II remnants; it’s an island that truly has it all. Because Ecuador uses the dollar, getting around the island is super simple. Plus there are lots of ATMs about so you’ll never have to worry about not […]

Tips for Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan • The Blonde Abroad

The more I visit Jordan, the more I fall in love. When I visit (and when most other folks visit) a trip to the Dead Sea is one of the top things…and for good reason! While the Dead Sea is often associated with Israel, it’s actually on the border of Israel and Jordan (Jordan to the East, Israel to the West). Did you know that it’s the lowest point of land on Earth at over 400 meters below sea level? Oh, and fun fact: it’s got over […]

20 Photos to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Adventure • The Blonde Abroad

Whether it’s just a day trip through the outdoors or you’re hiking through the backcountry of Yosemite or another national park, getting outdoors is one of the best forms of self-care. Did you know that being outdoors and immersed in nature helps lower stress and anxiety? And the best part is that the options are endless—from snorkeling to scuba diving to hiking through the wilderness, there are so many options to dig into…it all depends on your preference. Maybe you want to explore the deserts of Morocco, […]