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10 Tips for Your First Trip to Budapest • The Blonde Abroad

A city brimming with beautiful architecture, history, and unique cuisine, Budapest (pronounced Boo-Da-Pesht, not Boo-Da-Pest) might seem intimidating to those who have never visited before. While it’s been a favorite among Euro-travelers in the know for quite some time, the capital of Hungary is finally starting to catch the eye of adventurers from all over. And for good reason! From the thermal baths to the ruin bars to the delicious local dishes, Budapest is bound to exceed all of your expectations. Here are my 10 tips for […]

10 Local Foods to Try in Vietnam • The Blonde Abroad

Vietnamese cuisine uses fresh ingredients and not a whole lot of oil or dairy, making it one of the healthier cuisines around the world — common ingredients include fish sauce, soy sauce, rice, noodles, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and different proteins. In fact, to me, it’s the perfect balance of fresh and light food that doesn’t weigh you down too much, yet it’s still filling. If you’ve ever had phở (pronounced like fuh), you know it’s the kind of soup that can put you back together. […]

The Best Time to Travel to Botswana • The Blonde Abroad

Out of all of the safari destinations in all of Africa, Botswana is one of my favorites. Why? Alllllll the opportunities to view some of the most spectacular animals! Because it’s known for its wildlife sightings, planning your trip around the weather and the way it impacts the land is key. The country has two main seasons: the dry season and rainy season. Knowing when these are and how they impact the local flora and fauna is crucial. Whether you’re looking to spot wild cheetahs and elephants […]

The Ultimate Two-Week Ireland Road Trip Itinerary • The Blonde Abroad

I visited Dublin ages ago and had been dying to go back ever since. While Dubin is a great time, I knew I had barely scratched the surface. The Emerald Isle has so much to offer and it truly takes a full round-trip to take in the beauty…and what better way to do that than by taking a road trip through Ireland? The best way to see Ireland is to rent a car and circle the island. I did a similar road trip in Iceland and it’s […]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Like Local in Italy • The Blonde Abroad

Like so many places around the globe, food is at the heart of Italian culture. If you want to see the real Italy, you need to dig into the customs and traditions surrounding Italian cuisine. And to do that—you’ve got to sample all the food. Oh darn. 😉 However, “Italian food” is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, wherever you go in Italy, you will find distinctions in both food and traditions. So Italian food in Venice completely differs from what you’ll find in say Sicily. […]