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I just love to travel. I have been lucky in that I have been able to do a lot […]

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It is a well know fact that travel makes a more well rounded personality. Travelling allows the individual to […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Photographing in Manual Mode • The Blonde Abroad

Ready to take your photography to the next level? The best way to step up your game is to learn how to shoot in Manual Mode. I know it may sound extremely daunting when you hear technical terms thrown around like “bokeh, aperture, ISO, and reading the meter,“—so that’s why I’ve created this beginner’s guide! Trust me, it’s not as scary as it seems! You just have to take it step by step. Shooting in Manual Mode gives you significantly more control over every shot. When I […]

The Best Time to Travel to the Netherlands • The Blonde Abroad

Like other coastal countries in Europe, the Netherlands experiences all four seasons, with warm sunny summers and chilly winters marked with rainfall. Because of these seasons changing, choosing the best time to visit the country is fairly easy—as it’s truly dependent on what kind of weather and activities you’re after! When visiting, you’ll want to decide what’s on your bucket list and determine if you want to avoid the crowds or be part of them. Luckily, this guide will make choosing the best time to travel to […]

10 Things You Must Do in New Orleans • The Blonde Abroad

When I am traveling abroad, people ask me for tips on the best places to visit in America. They always ask about New York, California, and Florida, which are incredible destinations BUT there is so much more to the United States than the coasts. In fact, time and time again, I recommend New Orleans as one of the top destinations in the country. With a culture unlike anywhere else on the planet, New Orleans has a place on everyone’s travel bucket list. And it’s so much more […]

A Weekend Guide to Backcountry Hiking in Yosemite • The Blonde Abroad

Call me biased but I think California is one of the most incredible destinations on the planet. My home state is brimming with incredible vistas—where the cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean, of towering forests, of vast stretches of desert. From swanky cities to chill surf towns and everything in between, California is a dream. For me, a 10-day California Coast road trip is one of the best ways to explore the state (and if you’ve got more than 10 days—even better)! To make the most of it, […]

10 Local Foods to Try in Hawaii • The Blonde Abroad

Hawaiian food is taking over the world. Poké is practically available on every corner in food hotspots around the globe, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg… There is so much incredible Hawaiian food to be had both on the islands and abroad! First inspired by the cuisines of the Pacific Polynesian Islands as well as China and Japan, traditional Hawaiian food has always had a unique flavor that is completely it’s own. The typical table is filled with Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and distinctly Hawaiian inspirations. […]