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I just love to travel. I have been lucky in that I have been able to do a lot […]

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It is a well know fact that travel makes a more well rounded personality. Travelling allows the individual to […]

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The World’s Best Destinations to See Flowers • The Blonde Abroad

Who doesn’t love having fresh flowers around them? They brighten up a space, smell fantastic, and in my experience—they lift my mood! You too? Well, why not take that to the next level? Imagine being in a field, surrounded by millions of them… Whether you’re looking to travel in the States and visit California or Texas or you’re looking to head abroad to Japan or the UK, these amazing flower fields are next level. One thing to note: when you are visiting, it’s always important to be […]

10 Local Foods to Try in the Netherlands • The Blonde Abroad

Move over stroopwafel, there is so much more to Dutch food that the (delicious) treat seen in so many Amsterdam travel photos. The unique cuisine of the Netherlands is rustic and highly influenced by the old colonies, especially Indonesia. Carb lovers will rejoice at the veg-and-cheese-heavy traditional food of the Netherlands. With rich flavors like spiced apples and native cheeses like Gouda and Edam, there is so much to explore…and your tastebuds will thank you! Fun fact: Did you know that the Netherlands actually designed orange carrots? […]

The Best Time to Travel to Switzerland • The Blonde Abroad

Switzerland has quickly become a popular year-round travel destination, despite the cold winters! With so many different activities to choose from and serious seasonality, you may find yourself wanting to visit Switzerland every month of the year! Visits in the spring and summer bring chances to attend large festivals, hike the once snow-capped peaks, or paraglide into a lovely pasture. While a visit during the winter means never-ending snow sports and endless cups of famous Swiss hot chocolate…yum! Determining the best time to visit Switzerland all depends […]

How to Travel Southeast Asia Backpacking Route by Land? Let this guide tell you!

Famous for its lavish temples, unspoiled beaches, and interesting cultures, Southeast Asia has long been one of the most common travel destinations for backpackers looking for some unique but affordable adventure.  But where do you start? Southeast Asia composed of eleven countries, but of course, this is not something you would want to cover in just one go. If you’re planning to backpack Southeast Asia and want to experience its beauty in diversity, we can recommend you this route itinerary which you can do without the need […]

Why Solo Female Travel Isn’t “Safe” • The Blonde Abroad

As female travelers, it’s important to look at the complexities of safety and what it really means to be “safe.” We often talk about safe destinations—where the best places are to go (as a gal) and what places are ideal to explore alone. But, things can get tricky once you are actually there. It is critical to understand that safety is not the same as comfort. Just because a place is “safe,” doesn’t mean you won’t encounter different cultural norms that make you uncomfortable. It also doesn’t […]