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Hawaiian food is taking over the world. Poké is practically available on every corner in food hotspots around the globe, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg… There is so much incredible Hawaiian food to be had both on the islands and abroad!

First inspired by the cuisines of the Pacific Polynesian Islands as well as China and Japan, traditional Hawaiian food has always had a unique flavor that is completely it’s own. The typical table is filled with Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and distinctly Hawaiian inspirations.

These days, Hawaii has a diverse population with locals bringing their own natives dishes from all over to create a dynamic fusion of flavors.

Are you hungry yet? Here are my top ten local foods to try in Hawaii!

kalua pork

Kalua Pork

This is the star of any luau party! In the Hawaiian language, kālua is a word meaning to cook something in an underground oven. You’ll see a lot of meats labeled with kālua, especially kālua pig/pork. This means it was cooked underground.

Kālua meat is usually served with sweet potatoes and/or mashed taro root (called poi). You will also find places serving them up BBQ style with the meat smothered in barbecue sauce and a side of slaw.

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