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Does anything come to mind when you think of Hungarian food? Goulash, perhaps? Heading to Hungary soon and not sure where to sure start? Well, you’re going to want to come hungry to Hungary. 😉

With dishes full of flavor thanks to paprika, bay leaf, onion, caraway, coriander, and other spices, once you try your first bite, you’re never going to want to stop eating. While I explored Budapest, I got to sample some of Hungary’s best offerings…and my goodness!

Let’s dig in and explore 10 local foods to try in Hungary!


Gulyas or goulash is easily the most popular Hungarian dish, in fact, it’s one of the national dishes of the country! The dish is a soup or stew of meat and veggies that is typically seasoned with paprika and other spices. It’s the perfect meal for a cold Hungarian day.

Paprikas Csirke

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a true paprika-heavy dish, this is the one for you.

Named for the spice that is commonly used in the country, this dish consists of chicken covered in a paprika sauce along with a sweet or sour cream. Also known as chicken paprikash, it’s a chicken dish that is served with dumpling-like boiled egg noodles aka nokedli.


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