10 Things I Missed About our Island

A few weeks before I spent a month back in my home state, I posted a list of the 11 Things I Missed Since Living Abroad . While I was in NJ, I thought about the things that I was missing from our island, better known as Dominican Republic. When I started writing this, I didn’t want to truly miss that many things about island living, but I quickly realized I did. So here it goes

The Weather. This one kind of goes without saying but the weather here is perfect right now. It’s winter, which means mid eighties during the day and low seventies at night. Its not too humid or hot. Its just perfect. While in NJ, everytime I felt a shiver, I would dream about being back in the glorious weather of the tropics.


My hair and skin. This one goes hand in hand with the weather here. My hair stays fuller and my skin stays fresher. In other words, humidity here does wonders for my hair and skin. I hear most complain about humidity with their hair, but for me, it plumps up my dry, thin locks and transforms them into luscious, straight out of the salon chair locks. My skin stays way more moisturized and you get that straight off the island glow.


The sky. The sky here is just plain different than “home” in NJ. The stars are brighter and the clouds are bigger. Theres nothing like sitting outside at night on our balcony looking up at the stars.

The sunsets. The sunsets and sunrises on an island are more than extraordinary. The colors in the sky transform the landscape to something out of a postcard.

The scenery. Along with the sky, the weather, and the sunsets, you are presented with beautiful scenery on this island. Everywhere you look theres palm trees and beautiful flowers. The greenery is just a bit greener than back in the states.

The Animals. I love all the wildlife on this island. I think my mom and sister could attest to the fact, they receive thousands of messages from me sending them pictures of the wildlife here. Whether its cows on our street, to lizards, to puppies, to pigs and goats. I love them all.

The music. I can sit on the patio in my backyard at any time of night and hear music so loud, its like I’m right inside a club or bar. The music hear is louder and the glasses are fuller. The people in Dominican Republic are always ready to have a good time.

The atmosphere. I think the atmosphere in this country is so amazing partly because of the music thats always playing. Everyones ready to have a good time. You can see people dancing merengue in the airport to dancing bachata in the gas station. Yup, you read that right. I said the gas station. This country is always up for a good time. Not only that, but they are some of the most welcoming people I have had the honor of being around.

The laid-back attitude. While being on the east coast, I can’t say I didn’t miss the laid-back attitude of island living. Life is more simple here and it takes away a lot of the stress that can build when you’re living in a fast paced environment.

Our house. Of course I missed our house after being away for a month. Okay, okay I didn’t miss the low water pressure or the palmetto beatles that took up lodging. But sometimes, something as small as your water pressure doesn’t mean so much when you get to be back in your “home”.


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