Find Out the Best Time to Visit Seattle

Known as “The Rainy City,” knowing the best time to visit Seattle is a very important thing to do. After all, you don’t want to spend your trip to the Emerald City being soaked in the rain. So, let’s get into it… let’s talk when the best time to visit Seattle is.


Find Out the Best Time to Visit Seattle

General Temperature in Seattle

Seattle has short summers, which is also dry, warm, and partly cloudy and the winters, as you expected to be very wet, cold, as well as generally cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature normally plays around 37°F to 79°F and is hardly go lower than 28°F or more than 88°F.

The summer in Seattle can last for 2.8 months with an average everyday high temperature more than 72°F. The hottest day of the year, which takes place in early August, comes with an average temperature of 79°F.
The winter in the city lasts for 3.6 months with an average everyday high temperature under 53°F. The coldest day of the year, which takes places mid-December, goes as low as 37°F.


Seattle Travel Seasons

High Season (June – August)

Sunny, warm, and dry with a daytime temperature that generally plays around 75°F and low humidity. There are more flights and tours being offered this time of the year.
Of course, you may expect for hotels and plane tickets to be higher, and their availability to go scarce – and make sure to book early.

This time of the year is considered to be the cruise ship season. Expect to see a heavy flow of tourists, particularly on weekends, as local music festivals usually take place.
Shoulder Season (April to May, September to October)
Crowds go down with the chance of rain, although the weather is usually wonderfully pleasant – particularly in May and September – with a lot of sunshine and warm temperature. The mixture of lower travel rates and the lack of summer visitors can make shoulder season the best time to visit Seattle if you don’t mind getting a little bit of rain.

seattle sunny

Low Season (November to March)

Tourists normally avoid Seattle once the weather gets colder. The weather is steadily breezy, wet, and cold. This means that it’s not the best time for sightseeing. Those who love museums and people who are going to the mountains to ski, however, are able to find some amazing deals on flight tickets and hotel rates.

winter sport

Seattle Weather by Month

March to May

Springtime is an amazing time for bargain hunters, asa lot of the accommodations have yet to raise the rates of the room for the tourists who are planning to visit in the summer. However, be ready for some possibility of rain.

June to August

seattle rain

This is the most popular time to visit Seattle. As mentioned earlier, temperatures stay stable at a 77°F, and there is less possibility of rain.

However, you must prepare yourself for a heavy crowd coming in and out of the city. Because this is the city’s peak season for tourists, you may expect for the hotel rates go up and its availability goes down.

September to October

If you are planning to visit Seattle from September to October, you can expect for the weather to still be mild and for the summer tourists to have left, leaving behind a lot of vacant and discounted hotels. On top of that, a lot of autumn festivals make visiting during these months perfect.

seattle autumn

November to February

While the hotel deals run rampant during these months, winter is not the best time if you want to see some of the best attractions in Seattle. You may experience a lot of rain and snow these months. But then again, if you are visiting Seattle for winter sports, then go ahead and book your flight, and make sure to visit the Cascade Range or to Mount Rainier, or better, both of them.

The Best Time to Go To Seattle According To Your Personal Interests

Best Time for Adventurers


Seattle has reliably sunny, dry, and warm temperature from mid-July through the month of September – ideal for hikers, bikers, and boaters. If you’re planning to go to Puget Sound, then avoid visiting there in the month of October to June, when the weather barely gets more than 13°C. The same thing applies to Mount Rainier when the weather is usually damp and cold. If you are looking to do snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing, then time your visit during winter which starts in November and last up to the early part of May.

Best Time for Foodies


The best restaurants and the wineries in Seattle are found in nearby Woodinville, which is an amazing place to visit all year round – although they could be really busy during summer. This part of the city is known for the Copper River salmon, which arrives in local restaurants and markets in the month of May and is usually available through the month of June.

A lot ofthe best restaurants in Seattle create and serve three-course dinners at a discounted rate throughout Seattle Restaurant Week, which is held two times a year – in the month of April and October. The city’s biggest food festival, The Bite of Seattle, takes place in July. While if you are coming in late March or early April, you may have a chance to attend Taste Washington.

Best Time for Shoppers

With a lot of covered stalls, bars, restaurants, and galleries, visiting Pike Place Market would be a good idea any time of the year. Blue skies and blooming flowers mean it’s the best time to experience what the market has to offer. Expect to deal with a great amount of crowd when you visit in summer, spring, or fall. Winter months at this market is also very pretty, and it’s the best time to go if you want to avoid the crowds.

Pike Place Market

Best Time for Marine Lovers

If you love the idea of whale watching, then time your visit in Seattle between the months of March and October. This is when the species of whale are likely to show up.

The first gray whales show up in the area in March and April. If you are visiting between May and September, then you are likely to spot on some orcas, while humpback whales are most commonly seen in October through November.
Best time for Anthophiles

seattle flower

Do you love flowers? Seattle one of the best cities to visit for that! The city is blooming in the spring season, making it the best time of year for people who enjoy seeing beautiful flowers. The University of Washington’s well-known cherry trees bloom annually in March, and April, the same time when the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival takes place.

The main blooming season at the Rhododendron Species Garden which takes place mid-March up to mid-May, and of course, you can find some colorful bouquets of blooms any time of the year in many stalls at Pike Place Market.

Best Time for Music Lovers

The summer in Seattle starts and ends with two of the biggest music festivals in the country, which is usually held in Space Needle. The Northwest Folklife Festival is being held at Memorial Day weekend, while the other one, the Bumbershoot Festival takes places over the weekend of the Labor Day, which happens to be on the first weekend of September. If you are planning to visit a little bit longer, the Earshot Jazz Festival in October is another amazing festival. The season of Seattle Symphony happens from mid-September to mid-June, while the Seattle Chamber Music Festival happens annually in the month of January.

The Northwest Folklife Festival

Best Time for Hikers

The months of July, August, and September are perfect for those who are planning to visit Mount Rainier, National Park. This is when the snow has already melted and hiking trails starting to show up clearly again.

Mount Rainier

Wildflowers in the mountain are at their peak throughout early August, and if you want to see the bright colors of fall, the best time to go is on the first half of October. A lot of parks and roads are closed throughout in time for winter, but the road to Paradise remains open any time of the year, so if you are planning to go to the mountain by car, go ahead and enjoy.

We hope we helped you plan your trip better and helped you decide what the best time to visit Seattle for you is. If you have more questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box below. If you find this helpful, then spread the word by sharing this article on your social media pages!

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