Germany Travel Tip – Lindau, The Ancient Island Town

The town Lindau started its history on an island in the Lake Constance. Looking on a map you will find Lindau in the remotest south-western corner of Bavaria, which forms a triangle with the neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland. Around the year 800 a monastery was founded here and 100 years later the settlement Lindau was mentioned in writing. In 1274-1278 Lindau became an imperial town and even today the historical old town center on the Island Lindau displays through the numerous, well preserved architectural highlights the importance and prosperity it already had in the middle ages. There are many ways to discover Lindau, stroll through the charming old town center, pay a visit to the beautiful harbor entrance, take a boat or join a cruise on a sailing yacht to admire the views from afar, or go up in the air with a balloon for a truly unique experience.

The good old days are still very much alive in the Island Town Lindau, Lake Constance, Bavaria. You will enjoy walking through the alleys and places, discovering historical splendor. The Pulverturm from 1508 and the Diebsturm from 1370 where parts of the ancient city wall, which protected Lindau and its citizens for many centuries. The Mangturm from the 13th century was the first light house of the island and was erected to protect the harbor of Lindau. The harbor in the shape you see it today was finished in 1856 and is believed to be the most beautiful at Lake Constance. The 6 meters high monument, showing a lion overlooking the lake, the heraldic animal of Bavaria, was created by the sculptor Johann von Halbing. Together with the 33 meters high light house they still flank the harbor entrance. Take the time and visit the museum of Lindau. Originally built as a private residence and still thought to be the most beautiful estate at Lake Constance, it was converted into a museum in 1929. Here, in this majestic baroque building, you will find furniture from Gothic to baroque style, silver, glass, tin, ceramic, historical toys and important paintings and sculptures.

By nightfall Lindau starts to glow and shows another, very romantic face. Around 6.000 lights illuminate the harbor and turn it into the backdrop of a fairy tale, but also the skillful restored architectural jewels of the town cast their magical spell on any visitor. Until the middle of the 19th century a night-watchman walked around the town by nightfall. He was the enunciator of dangers and the custodian of order and security. Take a step back in time and join the enunciator, equipped with a halberd, horn and a lantern on a 90 minutes tour through the town and ancient Lindau will appear in front of your eyes.

Lindau, the town with the southern flair, is surrounded by Lake Constance and a mecca for all friends of water sports. Whether you like to swim, dive, surf or rent any kind of boat, Lindau is the starting point for your day out on the lake. Local schools offer training for kids and adults, equipment and guided tours guarantee a day of fun. Why not join the crew on board of a sailing yacht? The experienced skipper will show you the beauty of Lake Constance and if you like, explain some sailing basics to you. Since the Lake is shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you can visit 3 countries just in one day!

If you enjoy an aerial view of Lindau and Lake Constance you can go up in a colorful balloon. The Ballonsportclub Voralpenland e.V. is located in Lindau and offers regular flights. Another option is the flight in a Cessna 180, take off is from the Wildberg airstrip, near Lindau. Stunning views await those who dare and will make your time in Lindau unforgettable.

This is an example of what you can do in Lindau while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Lindau we compiled a more comprehensive Lindau travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.

Source by Monika Petra