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Studying abroad is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. I’ve told you guys before why I think studying abroad is so worth it, and while it can be intimidating to jump into the unknown—

it is a truly transformative experience.

In fact, it was studying abroad that propelled me to start The Blonde Abroad! Living outside of the United States for the first time is what gave me the travel bug. I can sincerely say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without that life-changing experience.

If you love traveling and are considering furthering your education, why not do your degree abroad? Many countries around the world offer English-speaking programs, and you aren’t limited to the Anglosphere! While the local language may be different, English is the primary language in many schools and programs.

Ready to change your life both personally and professionally?

Here are a few places where you can do your bachelor’s or master’s degree in an English-speaking program!

London, England

United Kingdom

Of course, the UK is the first place many of us would consider studying abroad. In fact, it’s the most popular destination for Americans studying abroad! Like New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Ireland, the universities here are all entirely in English so you can take your pick of the lot. 🙂

If you’re considering England for studying abroad, King’s College in London is a prime pick. It’s consistently ranked amongst the top 100 universities on the planet. They have nearly 800 courses to choose from so you’ll have a vast array of options.

King’s College is in the heart of London so you can soak in the culture of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Wild Atlantic Way

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Another popular destination for American students, Ireland is an ideal option for an English-speaking program.

Opt for an urban experience at one of Dublin’s award-winning universities or experience life in one of the small cities that dot the island. Smaller cities like Limerick, Athlone, and Galway have that certain *Irish charm* which the Emerald Isle is so famous for.

Ireland is particularly proud of its rich literary history. If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of James Joyce or Oscar Wilde, look no further.

Mörby Centrum, Stockholm


The Swedish people are renowned for their impressive levels of English.

Stockholm University is just one of many options where you will find English-speaking programs. Between bachelor’s and master’s programs, you will find more than 930 options in English.

Not only is Sweden a gorgeous country, but you’ll have no trouble getting around the country even before you learn a word of Swedish.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Like Sweden, you will find that nearly everyone speaks a high level of English and many universities offer internationally-recognized master’s and bachelor’s programs in English. There are over 700 programs in English for those pursuing higher education. With nearly 90 percent of Danish people speaking English, you’ll easily get around town.

You’ll definitely want to get a bike if you’re moving here!

The Netherlands

Like other Northern Europeans, Dutch people typically speak flawless English.

You will find a vast range of grad and undergrad programs at Maastricht University. It is outside of the tourist traps so you can experience authentic Dutch life in The Netherlands. At the same time, you can easily travel around to experience the best of Amsterdam and beyond.

Plus, tulips AND stroopwafels—what more could you want?

Paris, France


The American University of Paris is one of the oldest American programs in Europe.

What could expand your horizons more than living in one of the cultural meccas of the world while studying at a cosmopolitan university?

Bonjour, France!

They have 1,000 students from 108 different countries so you most definitely won’t be living in a bubble with other Americans. And can you imagine wandering the streets of Paris after class? Talk about a DREAM!



Singapore is a true melting pot.

People from all over the world have come to call Singapore home and English has become the common language. A full 80 percent of the population speaks it fluently and the country is home to some top-notch institutions.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is widely considered the best of the best amongst Asian universities. The primary teaching language is English so you will have your pick of programs. NUS has partnered with more than 50 universities across the US to offer an exchange program so you also have the option of transferring credits.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

Like Singapore, South Africa has a diverse population that relies on English for cross-cultural communication. The University of Cape Town, in the adopted home city of yours truly, is one of the oldest and top-ranked universities in South Africa as well as Africa as a whole.

The University of Cape Town has a very diverse student population so it’s a rich learning environment within the beautiful patchwork of cultures that exist in South Africa.

Sydney, Australia


Of course, opting for an English-speaking country like Australia will give you an even broader selection of degree programs. The University of Sydney is the oldest university in the country and widely considered to be the best.

Australia was one of my first big trips and I learned so much there! Be sure to have a look at my beginner’s guide to down under.

New Zealand

Australia’s often overlooked but drop-dead-gorgeous neighbor is a place well worth considering. New Zealand is a must for every traveler’s bucket list and it’s an incredible place to study. Every program is in English, of course, and every square foot of the island is a nature lover’s dream come true.

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