My First Trip “Home” – Jersey Girl Gone Caribbean

This past month, my fiancé and I traveled back to our home state of NJ with lots of luggage and two dogs in tow. Experiencing the chaos of traveling through the airport and onto the plane with two dogs, I’m left wondering what it will be like when we have kids to travel with. Anyway, back to the point. I sat in my uber with my pup in my lap, reflecting on the time I had been living in Dominican Republic. I was overly excited to be getting back to NJ to see my family and friends. But I couldn’t help but have this nagging feeling in my stomach that brought tears to my eyes. Why did I feel like this ? Maybe it was the fact I was emotional that day or maybe sentimental. Or maybe just the thought I was about to enter a snow globe. Anyhow, I started feeling attached to this new place we have been calling home. When we started our descent down to New York City and I started seeing the lights, it again brought tears to my eyes. God, I missed the East Coast. I had never been away from the states for this long. I had never lived anywhere other than NJ.

When I landed, I got off that plane as quickly as I could and darted to immigration and customs. Funny thing in the United States, when traveling with your puppy in her carrier, no one seems to notice you have a dog. After clearing immigration, grabbing my bags and beelining it to the exit, me and Arya (my Dominican street dog pup) started shivering instantly. Wow, it was cold. My twin sister and best friend quickly arrived, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life to be back in the metro area. That drive from JFK to my little town in NJ was one of the best car rides I’ve ever been in.

The next day, I got a Taylor ham and cheese bagel for breakfast and chipotle for lunch just like I promised myself. The next few weeks were filled with eating all the foods I had missed, booking and planning our wedding, hanging out in the city, and spending time with my friends and family.  Oh and how can I forget, shopping at my favorite store Sephora !



As our trip came to a close, and we headed back to Santo Domingo, I realized a few things. I now call two places home. When I’m in Dominican Republic, I call NJ home. When I’m in NJ, I call Santo Domingo home. I started wondering, what truly makes a place your home. Is it the people there with you, the feelings you have there, or the place you live everyday. It’s a funny thing considering two places that are so far apart and so unalike to both be your home. I may not know the answers, but I wouldn’t have it any other way !


p.s… stay tuned for 10 Things I Missed About Dominican Republic !


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