Review of La Dolcerie: A Culinary Gem

Okay guys, so this restaurant is by far my favorite place to eat in Santo Domingo. No, not just SD, but in all of Dominican Republic. La Dolcerie, located in Piantini is by far the best culinary experience I have had in this city and country. So I decided it deserves its own post.  I am a self proclaimed foodie and I love to eat, so Im always trying to find the next best spot to go based on food, atmosphere, and service.

La Dolcerie, has it all.

Food: The food here is like heaven in your mouth. Literally. The menu is extremely extensive ranging from Italian dishes like risotto, to black paella, to sandwiches, sushi, and more. They also have a large brunch menu for all you Sunday brunchers.  The appetizers and desert are out of this world. Our favorite appetizer here is the goat cheese croquettes. O.M.G in your mouth. I would have no problem eating just these for my actual meal. They are garnished with caramelized onions and dulce de membrillo. For your main course I would recommend sweet sausage risotto or one of the risottos. These Dominicans can cook Italian food like no ones business. And for desert, you HAVE to try the fondant de coco. Sweet heaven in your mouth again.

prices: : $10-25



Atmosphere: From the moment you pull up to La Dolcerie, you know you’re in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Santo Domingo. Luxury apartment towers, houses behind walls covered in green vines. This is the place to be. La Dolcerie is an extremely trendy spot with indoor or outdoor seating. We tend to sit on the terrace and enjoy the music and breeze. The atmosphere is great and you feel like you’re dining amongst the whose who of Santo Domingo.


Service: The service here is by far the best service of any restaurant Ive had in all of Dominican Republic. From the moment you walk up the steps, you are greeted and seated by a host or hostess, which is out of the ordinary in this country. The staff are extremely warm and friendly and give great recommendations on what to order. I’m talking filling your glass with ice the minute they see its low or holding the door for every person that walks in side. They are super attentive which is an extremely nice plus of dining here. 

So if you’re ever in Santo Domingo, check it out. You will not be disappointed!!!


Everything stated in this post, are my own opinions and was not sponsored in any way.


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