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Oh, February, the underrated darling of the calendar year. While we are still dreaming of festive Christmas markets and looking ahead to our summer beach breaks, we tend to forget that February is actually a perfect time to travel.

These are ideal locations to get a break from the winter chill and dive into extravagant Carnival celebrations around the world.

Here are the best destinations to travel to in February!

New Orleans

Yes, the city will be absolutely crazy during Mardi Gras but it totally worth it at least one time in your life. Plan well in advance and get ready for the party of a lifetime.

Before you go, check out a few tips from my experience as a newbie during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Lawai Beach, Kauai


Of course, Hawaii is gorgeous 365 days a year but it is definitely not a budget destination during the vast majority of the year.

Traveling to Hawaii in February, however, will save you a good bit of cash. After the holiday rush and before spring break, airfare tends to drop and you can snag a decent deal getting there.

As a bonus, February is the peak of humpback whale-watching season so you will have prime opportunities to view these impressive big guys.

And come hungry! I fell in love with Hawaiian food during my latest trip and decided to share my new passion as a top ten list of the best of the best Hawaiian foods.

Isla Holbox


When you are looking to escape the icy winter, just hop across the southern border! February is the best time of year to visit Puerto Vallarta. One of Mexico’s best beach towns, this beautiful spot is still sporting temps in the mid-70s to 80s in late winter.

Just before the spring break madness begins, Puerto Vallarta is better than ever. Once spring hits, it is really just a party destination.

Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro


Been there, done Mardi Gras? Take things to the next level in Brazil!

Rio de Janeiro is absolutely insane and completely beautiful during Carnival. The city radiates energy and life as the music plays on every street, samba parade takes over, and street parties never end. Once again, plan as early as you can because you are not the only one looking for a party!

Bay of Fires, Tasmania


The weather can be oppressively hot down under from late November to late January in most places, but Tasmania is typically greeted with a slight breeze and some mildly warm temperatures compared to other parts of Australia.

As summer in the Southern Hemisphere starts to wind down, though, you will find perfect temperatures for exploring.

Explore Freycinet National Park and Hobart, then go try your luck at getting a look at the Southern Aurora Australis, the Northern Lights’ hugely underrated sister to the south.

Venice, Italy

Widely hailed as one of Europe’s greatest cities, visiting Venice can actually be a bit of a nightmare during the summer. It’s muggy, crowded, and hard to get around.

In February, on the other hand, the city’s charm is in full display.

While rain can cause flooding as we’ve seen recently, more often rain leaves the canals with a mist that takes the adventure (and your photos!) to another level. The Venice Carnival really brings in the crowds and is such a cultural experience you won’t want to miss.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am head over heels in love with the wine regions of South Africa. In particular, Cape Town in February is prime time for wine lovers. Enjoy wine tastings or a picnic under the sun in Constantia Valley.

Wine farms are scattered throughout this beautiful region, and best of all, summer is just winding down. The weather is warm but not too hot and it is perfect weather to enjoy the best beaches in Africa. Go surfing, check out the local wildlife, or just enjoy the February sunshine.



If you have ever been to the United Arab Emirates, you know that the weather gets extremely hot in the summer. I am talking about temperatures so high that you feel like you are literally going to turn into a crisp between the taxi and the hotel. While I enjoy warm weather, this is a whole different ball game.

As much as I love Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is not worth it in the summer…but February is ideal!

February is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the wider region. Temperatures are at their lowest of the year and, while it is still warm and endlessly sunny, you can comfortably go out in the afternoon and lie at the beach.

Meno a Kwena, Botswana


While safaris can be expensive, you can nab a serious bargain going to Botswana in February. Prices are as much as 40 percent cheaper and you’ll avoid the crowds. While there is occasion rain, that is really not a bad thing. Thunderstorms roll into create dramatic backdrops for your photos, then quickly move on to leave you with lush vegetation and rainbows.

Animals of all kinds are highly active in February all well.

This is when zebra, wildebeest, and antelope are having their little ones, which are too cute. You’ll also see predators on the prowl looking for these little guys (not so cute but a real part of nature) and migratory birds are looking their best as they try to attract a mate.

Where have you traveled to in February? What destinations would you add to this list?


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