The Island of Tahiti – A Tropical Paradise

There are often some very demanding tourists who want to get the best of everything: fluorescent green sea beaches, blue lagoons, mountains covered with lush rain forests, an untainted, interesting local culture and wonderful climate at any time in the year – at one go. If you are one of them, no place will seem more perfect to you than the earthly paradise of the Island of Tahiti, the biggest island in the group of French Polynesian Islands, in the Southern Pacific ocean, between Australian and American continents.

The ultra-romantic image of Tahiti has been fostered by the ancient whispered tales among sailors of an island-Eden in the Pacific, the idea of Tahitians as ‘noble savages’ with their uncorrupted simplicity and natural wisdom, the canvases of Paul Gauguin wild with tropical colors and the images of thatched overwater bungalows. The best thing about Tahiti is that the greedy hands of commercial developments are yet to mar the picturesque beauty of the island. The skyline is free of high-rises and signboards, the beaches are free of noisy tourists, the local people free of guile and connivance.



With the breathtaking loveliness of the warm tropical beaches you will also get all first-class modern amenities that your heart may desire. You can either go for scuba diving or fishing in the lazy waters of the Pacific Ocean, dance the night away with the ever-smiling, lovely Tahitians or simply hike around in search of those numerous scenic views of haunting beauty that Paul Gauguin made his life’s work to render to his canvases.

If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can go for surfing or better still, shark feeding into the sea. If you are with kids, you will surely not want to miss visiting the natural dolphin habitat in the water and swim and play with the delightful creatures. In any French Polynesian island, the warm water of the ocean will caress and invite you all year long. You will never need to wear a warm suit.

Source by Greg Schueler