This Christmas! “Little Women” At The Chemainus Theatre

Chemainus Theatre delivers that quintessential feel-good Christmas experience as the classic tale of “Little Women” comes to life! The perfect Christmas tradition.

They are the things that create memories and make us excited for the season. Twinkle lights, trees, special food and music work together for our family.

But we’ve also come to love our yearly visit to The Chemainus Theatre for the Christmas show. It’s a fantastic night out as a family with spectacular food at The Playbill Dining Room followed by excellent storytelling on the stage.

This year, “Little Women” made its way to Chemainus and it’s delightful and all sorts of nostalgia.

Chemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, ChemainusChemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, Chemainus

Our night started off with an amazing dinner.

And by amazing, I mean phenomenol!

Friday night at the Playbill Dining Room did more than just satisfy our taste buds.

Salads and beautiful veggies followed by the tastiest carved beef Wellington ever. Jay exclaimed it was Thanksgiving and Christmas all wrapped up into one spectacular holiday meal. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy…perfection in a scrumptious buffet. He almost didn’t have room for dessert.

Chemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, Chemainus
Beef Wellington is on the menu at the Chemainus Theatre Playbill restaurant. So good!

But never fear, with three children and a chocolate fountain, we all figured out how to enjoy some of the sweet decadence.

Dinner at the Playbill is the perfect way to start the night at The Chemainus Theatre. For the simple reason that all the specialness starts 2 hours before curtain call. Every special moment counts.

And at Christmas, don’t we all just want more time with those we love?

Chemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, ChemainusChemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, ChemainusChemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, Chemainus

“But I don’t want to watch a play all about girls,” whined my 11 year old son when I gave him the head’s up about the “Little Women” storyline.

I couldn’t really fault the boy. I don’t know too many pre-teen boys who enjoy a story about a few sisters from over 100 years ago.

But “Little Women” is special.

It’s more than a story of a bunch of girls.

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March quickly wiggle their way into your heart. The dynamics of their relationship is similar to many families…love mixed with squabbles. In a few short minutes, my sceptical son laughed as Meg’s hair singed right off her head and his enjoyment continued all the way to the end.

“Except the kissing. I really didn’t like that part.” Okay, I get it. He’s eleven.

Chemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, ChemainusChemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant, Chemainus

Little Women. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2018. Company of Little Women Photo: Cim MacDonald

But this musical is really something the whole family will enjoy. It’s the perfect addition to any Christmas tradition. The March family delivers that quintessential feel-good Christmas experience.

Though the songs are new, they beautifully portray the depth of characters and the story itself. And each part, once again, is played to perfection.

I’m always surprised (though I probably shouldn’t be by now) how exquisitely each member is cast. From the smallest role to the largest, everyone is incredible.

“Little Women” at the Chemainus Theatre is selling out fast! Get your tickets for your family before they are all gone.

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