Vacation on One of the Greenest Caribbean Islands

US Virgin Islands comprises of a group of Islands in the Caribbean sea. There are three main Islands – St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. There are many other smaller islands along with Water Islands surrounding these islands. US Virgin Islands is well connected with other islands and other parts of the world of the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix.

St. Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands and is the easternmost Atlantic point of the United States. Its Sandy Point is the biggest beach in the Virgin Islands. St John is the smallest of the US Virgin Islands and is the greenest island in the Caribbean Islands. This island is just nine miles long and three miles wide. It is famous for having the best flora and fauna on the island. It is celebrated for its endless vistas of lovely green velvet hills. Two third of this island has been protected as a spectacular national park known as ‘Virgin Islands National Park’. The island is lush and has luxurious resorts. St John, just 20 mins away from the island of St. Thomas, is a peaceful island with no high rise buildings, docks, ships or even airports. There is a ferry running between the islands of St Thomas and St John and is conveniently available at regular intervals of just an hour. It is famous for its spectacular turquoise bays, perfect white sand beaches, colorful corals and tropical fishes. One can enjoy snorkeling at Trunk Bay on St John. One can enjoy the incredible view of the entire chain of the Virgin Islands from Bordeaux Mountain.

The island of St. Thomas is brimming with spectacular beauty of white sand beaches and greenery. Some of the best resorts on this island are, all inclusive Bolongo Bay Beach Resort and all inclusive Sugar Bay Resort and Spa. Two of the best resorts perfectly situated on the Lindbergh Bay are Best Western Plus Emerald Beach Resort and Best Western Carib Beach Resort. There are numerous tropical packages including tropical transfers available on hotels and resorts, where one can avail a huge discounts of up to 66% on advance booking. One of the greatest ways to get an overview of one of the most beautiful island is to get on a St Thomas island tour. It will take you to all the tropical attractions on the island intoxicating you with its mesmerizing beauty. It is one of the best place for duty free shopping, specially of items like electronics and liquor. The currency widely used in US Virgin Islands is the American dollar, and one also has an option of exchanging foreign currency at all the major branches of bank situated on the Island. Sapphire beach, being one of the finest beaches in St. Thomas Island is famous for its underwater snorkeling trail. One can visit the Coral World Marine Park and Observatory, which is the second marine park developed by Coral World International on St. Thomas. It has a touch pool and an underwater observatory where one has an opportunity to see the non captive fishes. One can also enjoy an encounter and an interaction with shark, turtle and sea lion.

Source by Rayan Scott